My trading philosophy

First Chapter.

//////////////////////////How I started trading.////////////////////////////

It all started with the fact that I wanted to create a strategy, the practice of which would not cost much of my life in terms of health. Strategies require a whole day of calculations and graph analysis so that we don’t miss a single trading opportunity. This results in most traders burning out very quickly, and the whole process leads to a drastic deterioration in health, because the constant stress accompanies you even on weekends and holidays, and in the end, you will realize that if you continue like this, it will end badly, you will burn out and quit. I thought a lot about the background of this, and I think it may be because when a person enters this system, they suddenly finds themselves in the two-dimensional world of a binary number system. The outside world fades away completely, and nothing else matters except what happens there. This world consists of only two things: profit and loss, good decision and bad. Thus, when someone loses on the market without sufficient experience and emotional support, their consciousness takes it from this two-dimensional world and converts the loss into “real life”, where otherwise millions of factors play a role in a person’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and relationship with the world. However, the unprotected consciousness transforms this into real life as it was present in the two-dimensional space. As a result, even because of a loss, the world turns into a single, bleak, hopeless place, and all the many successes a person has achieved become null and void. This is why most people give up after the first loss. Because of this lack of protection against our own consciousness, it is possible that only 1% of traders do not give up and become successful. If I had to give one piece of advice to someone starting to trade, it wouldn’t be about indicators, but it would be to brace yourself emotionally and realize that this is not your whole life, just a small part. This phenomenon also exists in the case of continuous winning, only with different effects. The essence of my strategy was to be able to trade only at certain times and on certain instruments, which could be determined for months in advance, thus avoiding uncertainty and watching the graph all day long.

News in trading: The basis of the strategy is the examination of monthly recurring news as mass-determining particles. While trading, I have noticed that different news have different characteristics and they repeat themselves. I started a lengthy technical analysis. I checked all the news, or particles, back 20 months ago, and my hunch was confirmed, different particles have different, well-recognizable attributes. So much so that, based on their properties, the given specimens can be accurately separated from each other. Their properties consist of a lot of small pieces of information, so I created the “Relative Return Index”, which can be used to tell the characteristics of individual particles based on a few parameters at a glance. The essence of trading is that we do not trade the news itself, but the settlement after the news. Imagine an ocean liner cutting through the water. We see that the constituent elements of water – in defense of their own system – obey, that is, from the volume of each unit of past and future thought fragments of their constant, common mass, they allow as much of the factor that disturbs space, belonging to space, as it carries with it – in order to maintain nature homeostasis. After the ship has left, the ocean fills up the space that was essentially given over to adaptation with infinite calmness. The ship is represented by the news on the market.


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