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The Intelligent Trend Trader Robot

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This is a high qulaity robot with secure stop loss and take profit levels.

Strategy Of this robot:

Entry(Open trades):

This is a fully automated Trading Robot. It uses a smart combination of a Stochastic Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, and 2 Triangular moving averages, to find a sweet spot to enter the market. the sets are optimized with the most accurate data. 

Exit(Close trades):

the exit is based on the combination of  2 Triangular moving averages and an optimized 2:1 ratio Take profit:Stop loss 
This robot is fully optimized and have very secure Stop loss and take profit level. This strategy is consistently profitable, i used it for years. it Passed years backtest and forward testing.

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Full Optimizable version parameters:

As any investment robot trading also has risks so the Past performance is not indicative of future performance. No representation is being made that any results discussed within the service and its related media content will be achieved. Use them at your own risk.