Articles by the nomad

  • The Power of Monte Carlo Analysis in Trading Robots

    The technique was named by scientists Stanislaw Ulam and Nicholas Metropolis while working on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. They used random numbers and statistical sampling to simulate and solve complex mathematical problems related to neutron transport in fissile materials. Ulam, who enjoyed gambling, drew an analogy between the random nature of the neutron…… Read more

  • Trading with Robots: An Exclusive Interview with a Pro Trader and Coder

    In this exclusive interview, I share my insights and experience as a professional trading robot coder and prop trader, with a specific focus on beginners who are interested in using robots to enter the markets. I provide an inside look into the world of professional trading, sharing key skills and strategies that are essential for…… Read more

  • Supersymmetry in Trading: Finding Order in the Chaos Let us take a moment to reflect on the nature of the universe

    When I was 16 I fell in love with quantum physics and the markets at the same time, I spent all my time understanding the mathematics behind the Standard Model, Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model, the Quantum field theory and how the markets can be predicted based on the “rules” of chaos. Now, I found my…… Read more

  • Analyzing the Drawbacks of Grid and Martingale Strategies in Trading: A Mathematical Perspective

    As you all know Grid and Martingale strategies are popular among traders as they promise high returns with minimal risk. However, they are also well-known for their drawbacks, such as high drawdowns and potential for blowing up an account. To understand why these strategies may work well initially but then fail in the long run,…… Read more

  • Improving Trading Strategy Performance: The Power of Genetic Optimization and Walk Forward Testing

    Genetic optimization and walk forward testing are two popular techniques used in algorithmic trading to improve the performance of trading strategies. These techniques work hand-in-hand to help traders create more robust and profitable trading algorithms. Genetic optimization is a process that uses a genetic algorithm to optimize trading strategies. A genetic algorithm is a computer…… Read more

  • How to become a disciplined trader

    Let’s go back a bit, to the infinite nothingness and the ocean, where by changing our point of view, we can change the structure of the entire system. Where some parts of the system have the same effect on the pieces of our thoughts that have wandered and turned into fragments of waves, as we…… Read more