How to become a disciplined trader

Let’s go back a bit, to the infinite nothingness and the ocean, where by changing our point of view, we can change the structure of the entire system. Where some parts of the system have the same effect on the pieces of our thoughts that have wandered and turned into fragments of waves, as we do on the other infinitesimal details that vibrate together as a vital part of the ocean. Together we make space, the endless ocean, and the endless nothingness. What remains and what becomes nothing depends on our point of view. Through our point of view, we change not only the details of the space, but also the extent of the space itself. When I chose the market for the purpose of being able to connect theory to a chain that is tangible and that does not only exist on a theoretical level, it was no accident. Most things that happen in our world are the formation of something. The market is also a representation of our world. When some event happens in our world, any event, it appears on the market in the form of numbers, the bigger the event, the more significant it is. People usually set goals for themselves, make plans, implement, destroy, make mistakes, get disillusioned, exist, and live. All of this is reflected in the market: every movement has a purpose, the threads of the endless skein are looking for supporting supports and resistances to be overcome. They fulfill their own predictions (Fibonacci levels). Sometimes they reach the supports, before falling into the depths in the decline of their strength, sometimes they don’t. There are times when they cannot decide, they just circulate in the vortex of the vibrations of the space, looking for themselves, trapped between two walls. Sometimes they push forward, ignoring supports and resistances, or they sink hopelessly into infinity. When I started thinking about all this, something suddenly jumped out at me. I have been looking for a system in these movements that repeats itself for a long time. Something that, in this irregular regularity, can provide regular irregularity. As I was thinking about the chapter “Our selves in the web of space”, it suddenly “popped in”: Everything is a matter of perspective. It all started from there, as I watched the movements, I noticed that there is one thing that can be predicted, and that is the regularity of the irregularity of the system itself, the breakout points, the waves of the ocean. Due to the individualism of the waves, the large whole is imperceptible from the system. You have to look for something that rarely occurs in space, but when it appears, it weaves through every fragment of wave with the same vibration. It is necessary to find the particle that correlates with the space, which gives the mass of the constituent parts of the space. Imagine an ocean liner cutting through the water. We see that the constituent elements of water – in the defense of their own system – obey, that is, from the volume of each unit of their constant, common mass of past and future fragments of thought, they allow as much of the factor that disturbs the space, belonging to the space, as it carries with it – thus the thought fragments maintain density homeostasis. After the ship has left, the ocean fills up the space, which is essential for adaptation, with infinite calmness. The ship is represented by the news on the market. /TheNomadTrader/

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